Pekin airport in Beijing , China

Beijing Capital International Airport was opened to public in 1958. The airport has a 4E standard flight area, consisting of three terminal buildings, double control towers and three runways. The high standard of services and facilities has attracted 66 airlines to operate here. Currently, the airport has flight connections to some 88 domestic and 69 foreign cities. The Capital Airport has become one of the largest airports in the world.
Location: The airport is situated 25km (16 miles) northeast of Beijing.
Check in Time:  Arrive at the airport up to three hours before departure for international flights. Carry at least one form of photo ID at all times. A second photo ID might be required at some airports.
Airport Hotels/Transit Hall Transit Hotel: Beijing Guomen Business Hotel, Airport Garden Hotel, Airport Lantian Hotel, Capital Airport Hotel, Citichotel, Jinglin Hotel Beijing
Limitation for luggage:
1.Limitation on Carry-on Luggage:
International flights: The size of each luggage should be within 20 x 40 x 55cm. Total weight of carry-on luggage should be within 7kg. (Be aware that some airlines may have their own size or weight restrictions.)
2.Free Check-in Luggage
International flight: Economy Class - 20kg, and 30kg for who hold the Student Passport. Business Class – 30kg. First Class – 40kg. While target location in America, the Check-in luggage should be within 2, each weight should be within 23kg, and the luggage with length + width + height should be within 158cm. If any limits is broken, passengers should pay for the part out of limits.( Be aware that some airlines may have their own size or weight restrictions.)
3.Fee for luggage overweight
Passengers should pay for luggage overweight. Domestic flights: 1.5%×ticket price of Economy Class per kilogram. Unit: RMB Yuan. (Be aware that some airlines may have their own calculation rules.)
Lounges: BGS Premier Lounge (Terminal 2;3), Air China First And Business Class Lounge (Terminal 3C Domestic, Terminal 3E, Business Travelers Lounge)